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Key changes for tenant notice periods – rent arrears

It is vital landlords stay up to date with regulatory changes and as of 1st August 2021, the notice period which must be given for a Section 8 Notice for rent arrears has changed.

Until this time, the notice period stood at six months, but now, only two months’ notice must be given, when a tenant has rent arrears of at least four months. This new notice period is applicable when applying on Grounds 8,10 and 11.

Currently, the notice period when serving a Section 21 notice stands at four months. This has been the case since 1st June 2021.

Further changes from the end of September

At the end of September 2021, amended notice periods will revert back to their pre-pandemic state. If anything changes and amendments are implemented by the Government, we will keep you informed, but for now, landlords should plan for these matters reverting back to the way they were at the beginning of 2020.

Major name in property market calling for changes

Propertymark is calling for a dedicated housing court to be set up in England and Wales. The reasons for this claim are:

  • Landlord possession actions have been consistently falling since 2014
  • However, the time taken to move from claim to repossession is on the rise
  • The median time to move from claim to repossession reached 21.1 weeks by March 2020

Propertymark believes there is an inefficiency in the process, as well as a “a fundamental lack of faith in the present court system.” The organisation has provided evidence which suggests landlords are five times more likely to use a Section 21 notice than a Section 8 notice. This is even the case when it comes to matters of rent arrears or when anti-social behaviour occurs.

This is because landlords believe the Section 21 notice provides a faster route to possession. For anyone looking to minimise the overall costs of the process, time is of the essence, and something that landlords focus on.

Propertymark also state that if Section 21 notices are abolished, the heightened pressure on the court system would have a catastrophic outcome.

Timothy Douglas, Propertymark’s policy and campaigns manager, says: “The current backlog of cases shows we desperately need to see a change in the way private rental sector issues are handled. Our members are seeing a lack of private rented supply and failure to reform the court system is likely to result in a lack of confidence for private landlords, ultimately leading to a further loss of investment in an already highly penalised section of the housing system. A dedicated housing court would provide faster, less costly resolutions for tenants and landlords.”

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