Navigating Peterborough’s Selective Licensing Scheme: A Landlord’s Guide – Part 3

Launch Date – 11 March 2024

As the implementation date for Peterborough’s Selective Licensing Scheme draws near, it’s crucial for landlords to understand the necessary steps to comply with the regulations and obtain a license. In this third part of our series, we delve deeper into the application process and essential requirements for landlords.

  1. Understanding Application Requirements:

The application process is a 3-part process:

  1. First you will have to add your personal details to register as a landlord.
  2. When registered you will be able to add the property details for each property that is in a designated area.
  3. Complete the application for a license for each of the properties and pay the application fee.

Before applying for a selective license, landlords must ensure they meet all eligibility criteria set forth by the local authority. This includes providing proof of ownership or authorization to manage the property, as well as meeting specific standards related to property management and tenant safety.

  1. Completing the Application Form:

The application form for a selective license typically requires detailed information about the property, including its address, number of units, and current occupancy status. Landlords will also need to provide details about themselves, such as contact information and any relevant certifications or accreditations.

  1. Preparing Supporting Documentation:

Alongside the application form, landlords will need to submit various supporting documents to demonstrate compliance with licensing requirements. This will include valid gas safety certificates, electrical safety reports, and evidence of compliance with housing standards and regulations.

  1. Paying the License Fee:

Obtaining a selective license will involve payment of a fee, which varies depending on factors such as the size and type of the property. Landlords should ensure they budget accordingly and make the necessary arrangements to pay the fee promptly to avoid delays in processing their application.

License Discount:  There is a discounted fee available for the applications that are completed in the first 28 Days.

  1. Engaging with the Local Authority:

Throughout the application process, landlords may need to communicate with the local authority to address any queries or requests for additional information. It’s essential to respond promptly and cooperate fully to facilitate a smooth and efficient application process.

  1. Property Inspection Visit with Local Authority

Part of the application process, and the longer-term maintenance of the licence will involve a property inspection by the local Authority.  There is an initial inspection visit to ensure the property meets all the essential criteria.  There will also be an inspection visit during the license period to check the property remains compliant.  Additional visits and inspections will be scheduled as required and especially following a complaint.


Navigating the selective licensing scheme in Peterborough requires careful attention to detail and compliance with regulations. By understanding the application requirements, completing the necessary forms, and engaging proactively with the local authority, landlords can ensure they meet their obligations and obtain the required license. Stay tuned for further updates and guidance as the scheme comes into effect.

Just Lets – Your Property Management Partner:  Selective License Know How

At Just Lets, we understand the challenges landlords face in complying with regulatory requirements and navigating licensing schemes. Our team is here to provide expert advice and support to ensure a seamless application process. Contact us today for assistance with your selective licensing requirements.

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