The Opportunity

We’re here to make the process of letting your property as effortless and risk-free as can be.

The Opportunity

The growth within the Private Rental Sector has been phenomenal in recent years and continues to grow year on year. The demand for good quality rental properties has never been stronger and the indications are that this will continue for the foreseeable future.

Why is demand so high? There are many reasons contributing to this situation. The lack of local authority housing stock, the inability of the building industry to provide sufficient quantities of affordable housing units, the apparent reluctance of the mortgage providers to lend without large deposits and, the need of young professionals entering the workplace to be mobile and flexible – its not easy to move location when you own your home.

All this means that there will continue to be a thriving buy-to-let market and the growth in the PRS means an increased demand for quality Property Managers.

Property Management offers the opportunity to become involved in a business that requires a small amount of capital to get started. There is no risk associated with investment in stock that may or may not sell and, your income stream grows with each and every property that you take on. There is no limit to the potential to provide a substantial and continual level of income.

The Just Lets brand offers a new way to unlock the potential in being a Letting Agent in the growing and booming Private Rental Sector. Being a Just Lets Lettings Franchisee allows you the freedom and flexibility to grow your business at your pace and gives you the time to do that.

The traditional Letting Agency franchise model requires a large capital outlay, along with a significant investment in high street premises which often need to be staffed from the outset. It is then very easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day management of the properties and tenants and contractors. The more properties you take on, the more admin there is to do – it’s a vicious loop.

The new Just Lets way is not your typical franchise, it’s a Franchise Partnership.

We call it a Franchise Partnership because it isn’t you doing all the work – we work the territory and the business with you. So you get the freedom to go out and seek new opportunities, new landlords, more properties and we do all of the routine admin that would normally tie you to a desk in the office.

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