The Next Step

If you have read the entire brochure and come to this final page. Or you have been directed to this page along the way, it seems you have decided that the Just Lets Franchise Partnership is for you. Good choice….but we are not there yet. This is however, the start of a new and exciting future.

There are a number of things to discover. You have to be sure that we offer you the start and support that you will need to be a successful Letting Agent. At the same time we have to be sure that you are the right person to Partner with us to develop and grow the Just Lets brand and to establish Just Lets as a reputable and customer service focussed brand in your chosen territory.

The first step will be to have an informal chat with one of our coordinators. We can then start the process to take you along the pathway to becoming a Just Lets Franchise Partner.

Please complete and submit the application form. We look forward to hearing from you….

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