Tenants Peterborough

Find a Property

A variety of properties are available in the City and surrounding areas. You can find information and pictures of all of our properties on our website as well as on Zoopla, Primelocations and other property portals. The properties are detailed by type and price.

When you find a property that you like we will be happy to arrange a viewing so that you can look around the property. The viewing will always be escorted. If you like the property then the next step is to make a formal application for Tenancy as follows:

Application & Referencing

In order for you to be referenced it will be necessary for you to complete an application form. If we are not able to proceed with the tenancy due to inadequate references the charge of made for the referencing is not refundable.

A completed application form is required, with care to provide all the information requested, including a bill in your name from the last 3 months in the current address that you are living in now. Payment of the application fee is required at this time. The fees are detailed in Fees Apply tab.

Guarantor: If a Guarantor is deemed necessary at some point through the referencing procedure then additional charges will be levied. The additional charge is to cover the cost of processing the Application with the Guarantor.

Holding Deposit

Once you have selected a property and made an application, we may ask for a Holding Deposit. This payment is not an additional charge and is deducted from your completion payment (this is first month’s rent + Security Deposit) in the event that you withdraw from the let this deposit is non-refundable.

Tenancy Agreement

At the commencement of the tenancy you will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement outlining Landlord and Tenant obligations. Typical this is for a minimum 6-month period.

Tenancy Renewals: Providing the landlord wishes to continue to let the property and all the tenancy obligations have been met and payments up to date, you will be offered the opportunity to renew the tenancy for a further period. There is a renewal fee to pay.

Security Deposit

Deposits are payable on all tenancies. The Deposit is recorded and lodged with The Deposit Protection Service. (DPS) and is protected in accordance with current legislation. Deposits are held against any costs arising as a result of tenancy. Typically this is equivalent to One Months Rent + £100.

Check In

On the day that you are due to move in it is important that you have signed the completed Tenancy Agreement and paid all your ‘initial monies’: That is; One months rent in advance, the security deposit (less holding deposit if paid). Payment of initial monies must be by, bankers draft or building society cheque or Bank Transfer.


A detailed inventory of the property contents and a schedule of condition will be prepared. This document will form the basis for any charges/deductions from your Security Deposit at the end of your tenancy and should be checked with care. Any points about the inventory with which you disagree must be brought to our attention on the commencement of the tenancy.

Tenants Obligations

Minor maintenance such as replacing light bulbs, fuses, tap washers, clearing gutters and drain blockage etc, are the responsibility of the tenant. It is particularly important that the property is secured and that reasonable steps are taken to avoid the freezing of pipes when absent. It is important to note that the tenant will be bound by the terms and conditions of any head lease covering flats in managed blocks.


We will notify the local authority of your details. We will agree meter readings at the start of the tenancy (and integral part of the Check In process) and it is your responsibility to report these to the utility companies.

Letting Agents Obligations

This is dependent upon the service that we provide the Landlord (i.e. Full Management, Tenant Introduction or Rent Collection). You will be notified of this at the commencement of your let.

Full Management: If the property is managed then the agent is responsible for collecting the rent form you on a monthly basis, conduct property visits and would be your point of call for any maintenance on the property. And at the end of the tenancy return the deposit.

Tenant Introduction only: If the Landlord of the property instructs the agent to find a tenant only, then once you have checked into the property the all rent collections, deposit return and maintenance issues are dealt with between you and the Landlord directly.

Property Visits

If Just Lets is to manage the property, we are obliged to conduct periodic visits. The purpose of these visits is to check the condition of the property, to examine any repairs, which have been completed and report to the Landlord. A mutually convenient appointment will be arranged in advance.

Television License

It is the responsibility of the tenant to maintain a valid television license for the property.

Tenants Content Insurance

The landlord grants the tenancy of the property to the named tenant upon the condition that the tenant holds insurance that the landlord or his agent considers adequate to protect the tenant’s personal possessions and accidental damage caused by the tenant to the furniture, fixtures and fittings at the property as described in the property inventory.

You will be asked to provide to the landlord or his agent with a copy of your current insurance certificate prior to the commencement of the tenancy detailing the cover held, the name and address of the insurer, the policy number and the date of renewal.