Anything which makes life easier for landlords, without compromising on the standard of service, is likely to be a positive thing. At Just Lets, we aim to make life simpler for landlords in Peterborough.

Landlords have a lot of tasks to carry out, and some of these steps are important. The Right To Rent check is an example of important work landlords must carry out. A landlord who fails to prove a tenant meets the Right To Rent criteria faces severe penalties.

Therefore, news that these checks are being made easier to conduct will be welcomed by many landlords.

A new online system will assist landlords review tenants

The Government has announced there will be a new online Right To Rent checking system in place soon, and it might be available by November 2020. When the online system is in place, it will allow prospective tenants to view and review their Home Office profile. This should, in theory, hold data about the eligibility of a prospective tenant with respect to living in the United Kingdom.

If the tenant wishes to do so, they will be able to share this information with a landlord or agent. There will be a “share code” online access system. Obviously, the information contained in the system will be private, but the Government states strict safeguards will be in place to ensure the landlord or agent will only view appropriate Right To Rent information.

The National Residential Landlords Association, the NRLA, believes landlords will be able to review the online system or check physical documents. Therefore, the online check is offered as a voluntary option, which will hopefully speed up the process and take away a lot of work for landlords and agents.

The NRLA also states EA citizens will be able to prove their entitlement to rent by displaying a valid passport or national ID card. This will remain the case until June 30th 2021.

The impact of the Coronavirus and the Right To Rent process

While this year has been extremely challenging, landlords cannot forego their expected duties. This means Right To Rent checks must be carried out, even during a lockdown phase. However, there are some changes to the way landlords should engage with tenants, and the following adjustments are allowed when reviewing a tenant’s suitability:

  • Right To Rent checks can be conducted by a video call, so there is no need to meet the tenant in person
  • The tenant can send scanned documents or a clear photograph of the document, and these items can be sent by email or by a mobile app – there is no need for tenants to send original documents

These measures will hopefully alleviate some of the difficulties landlords face in dealing with the administrative aspect of the Right To Rent check.

If you are a landlord in or around Peterborough, and you need assistance in managing your rental property, we can help. We know these are challenging times for landlords, but there is a demand for rental property. When you need guidance in the local market, contact Just Lets Peterborough today, and we will be happy to help you.

You can find Just Lets Peterborough at 142 Oundle Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 9PJ. Feel free to email us at or call us today on 01733 346255.

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