The 2017 National Pet Month is on the way. This is the 27th annual National Pet Month and runs from 1 April to 1 May 2017.

Through this period thousands of people around the United Kingdom will be celebrating life with their pets, spreading the word on responsible pet ownership and/or raising money for their favourite charity in fun filled events.

National Pet Month is a charity set up to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership through education campaigns. The National Pet Month is also set to act as a focal point to encourage fundraising for the nation’s needy pets. Sadly not all pets are cared for and loved by their owners.

You may wish to get involved with some of the fundraising activities and you can find more here

Here at JUST LETS we believe that being responsible pet owner is more than just about micro-chipping, keeping up to date with vaccinations and the inevitable vet bills. For us being responsible pet owner is about taking care of your pet but also your property and your community.

As part of a community you should ensure that your pet is safe and will not hurt or frighten anybody in the area. Additionally we all know that dog mess (the stuff from the rear end) can cause offence, but it can also cause serious harm and disease especially to children. It is important therefore that you ensure you clean up after your pet. This also applies in and around your garden area.

If you are a tenant there are number of other factors you must consider if you own a pet.

1. It is important that you have written consent from your landlord and agent which allows you to have and keep a pet in the property. If you do not have a formal written consent, and you do have a pet you MUST contact us and ask for this formal permission.

2. You must ensure that every effort is made to prevent your pet from causing damage to the property and any fixtures and fittings belonging to the landlord.

3. Any damage caused will be noted at the checkout you will be held accountable for the cost of repair or replacement. This will be taken from any deposit monies held. However, in order to mitigate any hardship you should consider taking a suitable pet insurance policy.

4. You should take care and pay special attention to the cleaning of carpets and soft furnishings. Any fluids from your pet, be it urine diarrhea or vomit should be cleaned up immediately. These fluids can cause staining and bad smells. If not cleaned straight away, these fluids can become ingrained into soft furnishings, carpets, underlay and if especially bad the concrete floor. Take care to use effective cleaners or disinfectants – but be sure that these cleaning agents do not cause further damage by staining or colour bleaching.

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