With the temperatures falling, we are moving to the end of autumn and into winter. While many people appreciate nature at this time of year, there is a lot to be said for creating a warm and cosy environment to make the most of staying indoors.

As a landlord, you should consider the importance of maintaining your rental property in cold weather. Your initial focus should be on providing tenants with a pleasant experience. However, in the long-term, you benefit from maintaining your property.

We can help local landlords prepare for winter in Peterborough

At Just Lets Peterborough, we are on hand to ensure you receive all the support you need in maintaining rental property. We are pleased to say we work closely with landlords in and around Peterborough. This ensures we know the key local issues, and that we offer relevant guidance.

We also stay in touch with guidance from leading names in the rental sector. ARLA Propertymark has recently issued a seven-point guide for landlords to maintain property in cold weather, and we are more than happy to share these points with you.

The seven points are:

  1. Clear out the gutters at your rental property
  2. Impress the importance of opening windows from time to time
  3. Bleed radiators
  4. Watch out for trip hazards associated with winter such as icy paths
  5. Review the boiler
  6. Review safety aspects such as security alarms, external lights and good practice in ensuring properties are secure
  7. Review your insurance policies

These are all important steps to consider when preparing your rental property for winter. Some of the tips are solely aimed at the landlord, such as reviewing the insurance policies relating to the property and reviewing the condition of the boiler. Some of the tips are aimed at tenants, but as a landlord, you should look to impress the importance of some of these tips.

At this time of year, communication is crucial between landlords and tenants. Tenants should feel comfortable about raising problems, and landlords should provide clear instructions on how to best care for the rental property.

Get help in managing your rental property

Of course, when you have a property management service, you don’t have to worry about liaising with your tenant, or carrying out these tasks. At Just Lets, we offer a range of property management services in and around Peterborough. If you want to take the stress out of maintaining your rental accommodation in time for winter, we are here to assist you.

If you are a landlord in or around Peterborough, and you need assistance in managing your rental property, we can help. We know these are challenging times for landlords, but there is a demand for rental property. When you need guidance in the local market, contact Just Lets Peterborough today, and we will be happy to help you.

You can find Just Lets Peterborough at 142 Oundle Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE2 9PJ. Feel free to email us at peterborough@justlets.com or call us today on 01733 346255.

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