Landlords in Peterborough

The Property Valuation

We are able to give a guide market value over the phone, but for a true market value we would like to make an appointment so an experienced member of the team can come to see your property and explain all the reasons for the valuation given. This also gives us the opportunity to advise you on any works that may need to be carried out, all too often Landlords can do more than is necessary for an acceptable rented Property.

Marketing and Advertising

We advertise all of our properties in a way to get maximum visibility to prospective Tenants. As well as our own website we use a wide variety of internet property portals including Zoopla, Primelocation and many more.

Property Management Services

Once you have had the Valuation and we are marketing your property the next stage is to decide on the service that best suits your needs.

Here at Just Lets – Peterborough we have 3 options for you to consider.

  1. Fully Managed
    This is the most popular choice of service. It gives complete peace of mind and provides you with the opportunity for a ‘Hand-Off’ approach to being a Landlord. This is most important for Landlords who also have demanding work commitments. Our Fully Managed Service includes:
    Pre Tenancy:
    Advertising Property
    Escorted viewings with prospective tenants.
    Preparation of a full Inventory and Schedule of Condition.
    Full Referencing of prospective tenants.
    Preparation of all Assured Shorthold Tenancy paperwork.
    Receipt of Deposit prior to occupation.
    Receipt of Rent in advance.
    Full and formal Check-in with tenant (to include check of
    Inventory). Lodging Deposit with Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
    Take meter readings Report occupancy to utility companies.
    Report occupancy to Peterborough City Council.During Tenancy:Collection of rents when due.
    Transfer of rents to your nominated account.
    Receive all calls for maintenance.
    Deal with all calls for tenants queries.
    Visit property to review condition and maintenance.
    Liaise and organise trade specialists for any maintenance tasks.
    Negotiate with tenants for further tenancy renewals.End of Tenancy:Arrange pre-check-out visit. Arrange check-out.
    Conduct full formal Check-out (to include check of and
    verification against original Inventory).
    Take utility Meter readings.
    Report vacation to Peterborough City Council.
    Report any possible dilapidations to you the Landlord.
    Initiate any remedial works required against Tenancy Deposit.
    Arrange payment of dilapidations with Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
    Arrange remarketing of property as required.
  2. Tenant Find OnlyThis service is ideal for an experienced Landlord one that wants to be actively involved with the day-to-day management of their property and wish to deal directly tenants. Our Tenant Find Option includes all the Pre-Tenancy features of our Managed Service; notably all the following:Advertising Property Escorted viewings with prospective tenants.
    Production of a full Inventory and Schedule of Condition.
    Full Referencing of prospective tenants.
    Preparation of all Assured Shorthold Tenancy paperwork.
    Receipt of Deposit prior to occupation.
    Receipt of Rent in advance.
    Full and formal Check-in with tenant (to include check of Inventory).
    Lodging Deposit with Tenancy Deposit Scheme.
    Take meter readings Report occupancy to utility companies.
    Report occupancy to Peterborough City Council.

Application for Tenancy

Tenant selection/references

When we have received a positive interest on your property, the first step is to have a full reference carried out on all applicants. All of our referencing procedure is carried out by an external specialist referencing company. This brings with it some significant additional benefits as detailed below.

The referencing procedure is a full and thorough check of the applicants renting history, employment, credit score and more, including:

  • Authenticate Check – To check the applicant is who they say they are.
  • Unlimited Addresses Checked – To check if the applicant is trying to hide any detrimental Information at a disclosed or undisclosed address.
  • Detrimental Data Check – CCJs, Bankruptcies, IVAs –To check whether the applicant can handle their finances.
  • Tenant Risk Score – Propensity of tenant defaulting on rent payments- To check if the applicant is likely to pay their rent.
  • Bank Sort Code Validation – To check that their bank details are correct
  • Fraud Check – Any indicators of assumed identity – To check all the information given by the applicant is matched and is found to be real.
  • Affordability Check – To check the applicant can afford the rent.
  • Full Employment Reference if required– To check the applicant is earning the amount they have declared.
  • Previous Landlord or Managing Agent Reference – To check if the applicant paid their rent on time and in full and whether the landlord would let their property to them again.

Additional Benefits – FREE of Charge

We understand how important it is to feel safe in the knowledge that the tenants will be able to pay the rent each month. As Landlords ourselves, we are mindful that just because an applicant is employed and has a good credit score at the start does not mean it will always remain that way. So, our Referencing & Application process brings additional benefits, and these are provided FREE of Charge.

  • Tenant Monitor – The Credit record of the applicant/tenant is checked and monitored through the following 12-month period and any changes are reported to us.
  • UNIQUE GUARANTEE – If all else fails then there is a FREE Eviction Service to take care of all the legal stuff and costs associated with removing the tenant from your property.

We are here to give you peace of mind and to do all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy being a landlord. We also guarantee that all these checks shall be processed as quickly as possible – we do not want your property to be empty for any longer than need be.

Tenancy agreements & Renewals & Notices

The Tenant(s) will in most cases sign a six month Assured Short-hold Tenancy Agreement to start, 4 months into this agreement we will write to them and request their intentions for the future, this tenancy length can be negotiated at this time along with any rent increases if the market value has changed, this way whenever a tenant wishes to vacate at the end of the agreement we have enough time to re-market the property to minimise any vacant periods.

As a Landlord, should you wish to take possession of the property at the end of the tenancy term, you will be required to provide two month’s written notice (starting from the next rental payment date) to gain possession at the end of the term.

If a tenancy is not renewed but the tenant remains in the property this then is referred to as Statutory Periodic tenancy and the notice periods required are one month from the Tenant at any time , and two months (from the date the rent is next payable) from you as Landlord.

Check in

Unlike most agents practices, Once all references are complete and agreements are signed we meet the tenant’s at the property to take formal possession, this includes full check of written inventory and all meter readings are recorded.

Property Visits

From the start to the finish of any tenancy the tenants will have various Property Visits; this is for both you and your tenants to ensure that all property maintenance is kept up to date to prevent the property from devaluing in turn we do our best to look after your investment.

The First Visit

Our first property inspection is carried around 8 weeks after the Tenant moves in. This enables us to have a good indication on how often visits need to be made and to iron out any initial teething problem that may arise.

Regular Property Inspections

Thereafter, inspections are carried out at regular intervals depending on what we find in our previous visit. We then will provide feedback to our Landlords of any problems or anything that may need our or your attention.

The Pre Check out

Once you or the tenant has served notice to vacate the property we send out a letter to them detailing all the necessary requirements to prepare the property for the final check out and at this point offer a Pre Check out appointment so that if they are unsure of what required we can run through it with them at the property. The aim is to ensure that we do everything we can do to make sure that the Tenant(s) receive a full deposit refund.

The Final Inspection

Again unlike most agents’ practices we meet the tenants at the Property for them to walk through the inventory that they signed on check in and ensure all but fare wear and tear the property is as the inventory reads. At this point we record all end meter readings to ensure they are charged for the full usage of all utilities while responsible for the property. We accept the keys back and fingers crossed we will have a quick turnaround so we are able to check in if not the day after soon after the tenants have vacated.


Below are some of the more common questions that we get asked. If you have a question of your own then please complete the ‘Can WE Help’ link and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

What is ????


The Inventory is a key document to the letting process: It records the condition of the property and the fixtures and fittings at start of the tenancy. This document is then used as the bench mark during the check out at the end of the tenancy.


Should the property be let furnished it will be necessary to check all furnishings and beds to ensurethey comply with the British Safety Standard Fire and Furnishings regulations.


As the landlord, you are responsible for the service of all gas appliances at the property. It is a legislative requirement that the appliances are serviced annually by a GAS SAFE registered fitter. A current Landlords Safety Certificate must be held by us and a copy presented to the tenants


From 1st October 2008, all buildings, residential or commercial, are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is no more than 10 years old. This needs to be carried out in order to Advertise the Property for let.


All properties must have the electrical system tested before commencement of a tenancy and again if any problems occur which might suggest a fault to the electric system. Electrical devices in a furnished property need to be checked annually.


Residents of the UK are responsible for their own tax affairs. However, the managing agent is responsible for tax in respect of properties rented by landlords who reside outside the UK. In these cases, we must deduct 25% of the net rental income until such time that we are assured in writing by the Inland Revenue that all tax due on the rental income of that property has been settled. The Inland Revenue have a self-assessment scheme, which allows non-resident landlords to receive UK income with no tax deducted. Both husband and wife need to be registered where a mortgage is in both names.

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