News that leading American style fast-food companies are coming to Peterborough is excellent news for many people.

The development is located off Maskew Avenue in New England, Peterborough, and it will feature Wendy’s and Taco Bell. There will also be a Costa Coffee outlet.

Peterborough City Council has approved the £25m development, but it is the addition of Wendy’s that will please most people. Some Wendy’s are already in the UK, but 2022 looks set to be a year of significant expansion for the burger chain.

New jobs will be of benefit to the local community

One of the most important things about the project is that the development will create more than 100 jobs. Job creation is always positive news for the local community, even if the big-name brands will grab the attention.

Some people will argue that more fast-food companies are hardly suitable for the local community. Still, more than 100 jobs have to be viewed as a positive addition to the local area, given the current economy; and rising costs.

Face up to the challenges of the present day

Increases in the cost of living mean everyone should be on their guard concerning personal finances. Therefore, even small benefits to the local jobs market should be applauded and welcomed.

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Wendy’s is a brand name developing its presence in the United Kingdom

Whether this provides existing residents with the chance to find employment or drives other people to look towards Peterborough, there will be a positive impact on more than the people who enjoy this style of food.

The development offers close to 300 parking spaces across its 8.63 acres.

George Dickens, Chancerygate’s development director, spoke to the Cambs Times, saying; “This is a significant development for Peterborough which will rejuvenate dormant land adjacent to a key retail destination. The brands already secured, and the names we have under offer, highlight the prominence this site has to passing traffic and its accessibility to the city centre and wider transport network.”

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