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A new and exciting Franchise is being developed and tested.   This will significantly reduce the workload of the Agent and will provide detailed administration and property management support.  For more details contact our head office….ask for Steph Heron.

Our Just Lets Licence opportunity will be withdrawn January 2016

Start your own letting agency and be a part of the Just Lets brand for as little as £1950.00+vat pa under licence.

Be your own boss! We are seeking ambitious people to join this exciting growing brand: Take this opportunity and be a Just Lets letting agent.

No formal qualifications are required and this sound business can be run full-time or part-time, from home or office. It really is that easy, that flexible and under your control.

If your ambition is to set up and run a Letting Agency, either to start a letting agency as a full time business or to run a letting agency in addition to your current business, then this is the opportunity for you. As the property sales market slumps, demand for rental property increases, and given that the current market conditions look set to continue for the foreseeable future, there has never been a better time to become a Letting Agent.

Why Just Lets

We know from experience that not everyone starts from the same place. You may be an experienced Landlord with a property portfolio. You may be a tenant with an understanding of what the business offers. Of course you could also simply be looking for an opportunity to operate your own business and not have much of an understanding of what being a Letting Agent is all about.

Whatever your starting point we have a start-up package and process that will suit you, and certainly fit your budget. We have a number of tiered entry levels – from a simple Brand Licence for the experienced professional to a full Franchise for those starting from scratch.

We offer a simple Licence package for those who already have knowledge of the Letting Law and the Letting processes and systems – this gives the benefit of using the Just Lets Brand and the presence of a Just Lets branded Office on the website.

For those with little or no experience or knowledge of the world of Letting we are able to provide a full Franchise proposition. This will mean that you are taken step by step through the start-up process by our Franchise Coordinator. You will be taken through a full training programme and be guided through the whole process – turning you from novice to professional.

Your Next Move…

If you think that you have what it takes to join the growing Just Lets brand, then you need to know more…

Your next move? – Simple…..Contact us for more details:

Call our Business Coordinator (Steph Heron)

T: 01733 346255

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