Immobilise is a national property database that allows you to protect your possessions by registering them for free. Any valuables that have a unique serial number, such as mobile phones, can be registered online. These details are searchable by all UK Police Forces and form an extremely powerful tool in helping to identify and return recovered, lost or stolen personal property to its rightful owner. Virtually any item can be registered from your TV to your toaster! You can also register bicycles and jewellery on the database and upload a picture to help distinguish it from any other property. Immobilise has proven to effectively tackle crime on a national level and, not only allows police to reunite people with their stolen property, but it also assists in prosecutions. The service is supported by the Home Office, the Mobile Industry, Crime Action Forum, Transport for London, the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit and all 43 police forums.

25 million people use immobilise and, every week through the site, hundreds of people are reunited with their lost or stolen property.

What will you need to register?
Simply go to to start the registration; you will need an email address and the make, model and serial number of any property that you wish to record. It only takes a few moments to create an account and you can add property at your leisure.

How do I find my serial number?
Serial numbers can be different depending on what item you want to register; on a mobile phone it would be your IMEI number which can be obtained from either looking underneath the battery, by typing *#06# into the keypad or by looking on the side of the box. On most other electrical items it would be on the back or underneath the item, usually near a barcode. For bicycles it would be the frame number which can be found in several locations on the frame.

What happens once I’m registered?
Should you lose or have any of your property stolen, and Police recover it, they can quickly establish who the real owner is and return it to them and, where appropriate, arrests can be made. The police have access to the National Mobile Property Register (NMPR) ( which is the sister site of Immobilise, and second hand shops have access to the Checkmend database ( which provides selected information about an item so they can check to ensure they are not receiving stolen goods.

Can I highlight my property as stolen on my account?
Yes, Immobilise has a feature for an owner to instantly update the property status on their account as lost or stolen. Remember if you have had an item stolen it is vital to report it to the police straight away by dialling 101. Also, if it is a mobile phone that you have lost or had stolen, then report it to you network provider as soon as possible and they will block the handset so that no one else can use it.

Go to today and register your property

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